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ArmstrongPSI LLC (APSI) is the hallmark of this nation's corporate and private IT world. As a minority owned company, Bradford Armstrong identified and pioneered innovative concepts in the expanding custom IT market. He developed a novel approach to design, service, and data integrity. The DNA of APSI is their high ethical standards, stitched by their technical expertise.

Bradford's commitment to excellence has successfully propelled Bradford and APSI into highly competitive markets. Their reputation for being "on time" and "under budget" earned loyalty and referrals throughout the corporate, entertainment, dental, and medical communities. APSI has gained the confidence of organizations through their grasp of the software, hardware, and backup systems required to manage data in this complex and highly regulated environment. APSI has provided these organizations with an alternative to predetermined, confirmative technology.

Organizations no longer have to worry about lost data or recurring hardware issues. The continued service management provided by APSI along with their excellent ongoing communication put them head and shoulders above their competitors.


Bradford's unique approach has also served him well on Broadway. Their attention to detail was on full display providing technical management for general management, production, backstage communications, and promotion of a myriad of Broadway organizations. Some of these are Mamma Mia, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, The Color Purple, Motown the Musical, Dirty Dancing, Hugh Jackman Back on Broadway, Billy Elliot, and many others while at home and on tour.

APSI designed and developed the technology infrastructure for Hamilton, The Exhibition in Chicago in 2019. Their team coordinated all the telecommunications and technology needs while negotiating and maintaining the internet contracts. Bradford was on the ground with the design teams ensuring that the technical requirements for each auxiliary were met.

APSI brings a sense of urgency to their work which is critical in the medical and pharmaceutical world. Secure, accurate, and archivable database management is essential in delivering healthcare today. More importantly with pandemic protocols, APSI's ability to connect home and office allows businesses to be more efficient and productive. APSI couples their industry strengths with proactive support skills to meet desired functionality.

APSI systems are designed to grow with your business. Your customized IT solution will run flawlessly and your data is protected with crucial backup capability. APSI is a full-service provider who has redefined customer service. Their farsighted approach allows each of their clients to maintain a competitive edge. Bradford will always go above and beyond your expectations.

Since 1998, Bradford and APSI have been poised to take his practical applications of personal touch, ethical service, and first-class technology to new heights and make a positive impact on a tarnished industry. Bradford Armstrong is the consummate professional with a genuine track record of remarkable service.


We are an ethical Information Technology Organization with the idea of servicing and providing a true value to what has become a commodity of sorts. We are not a “squad of geeks,” and believe wholly in transforming the networking experience for our clients.


We are true to what is asked of us and hold to nothing short of making sure that our customers receive resolutions to issues, and answers to questions that always rise above and beyond the request.

Bradford C. Armstrong

Bradford Armstrong, of APSI, has established himself as a visionary pioneer into the corporate IT sector. As a minority-based company, he adapted his "high tech, high touch" approach to this emerging industry. His commitment to excellence established him in a sometimes volatile and compromised sector of the marketplace as the standard bearer for ethical IT setup and management.


Word of mouth referrals highlighting Bradford's exceptional service and confidentiality have given him entree into numerous and diverse industries. His ability to assess a company's needs in implementing secure and effective solutions is legendary. Bradford's unique approach adapts to any segment of the modern marketplace.


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